Poem : Wall Street D’Evils

Image from pixabay.com

They invest in stocks

not life,

they profit

not for the people.

Why would they help to save

a dying world that they’re

purposefully destroying?

Off they zap into outer space

in rockets with shuttles

to colonize and pillage

another planet

to absolute oblivion.

Planting their meaningless flags

to possess what can’t be bought,

through theft, lies and murder

they ravage generations to build

their empire.

Every throne was built on slavery.

Killing in the guise of good.

They’re generationally psychotic,

drug-addled, alcoholic,

coke-head fiends

who’ve never accepted no,

they feed on us.

Aristocrats never lost

their lust for unrestrained power.

Socially and physically inbred,

in political marriage contracts

merging lineal corporations,

in incestuous narcissistic bonds,

they’re the undead monsters

stalking this barely alive world.

After the earth is ruined

into sewage swamp and desert,

when life is infertile and

has nothing left to give,

then the parasites will unlatch

their drenched fangs

to seek fresh sweet prey.

The 1% are definitely

100% possessed by evil.

Literally they’re of and

from evil is “Le D’Evil”.

Don’t you wonder where

all this gothic adoration

of vampires, werewolves,

zombies and demons is from?

It’s a subliminal message

to us peasants,

to worship and revere

their ancient blue blood

their alien superiority,

they want us to worship

what we fear in them,

prey on or be preyed upon,

raped and deconstructed,

reprogrammed and devoured,

as dog eat dog predators,

braindead zombie cowards.

Living in this brave new world,

where the ghoulish haves

will have endless more,

by stealing from the

brainwashed poor,

bludgeoning what

little hope remains,

until we finally realize

the pretense of democracy,

never even existed.

Image from pixabay.com