Poem : Super Natural

Copyright 2012 Judy Kim, “Goddess Pele” original acrylic painting digitally altered

We’re taught to hate

what’s naturally good,

when what we are

is perfection.

We were never evil

or born in sin,

there is no such thing,

we’re young but we’re still growing.

We learn to walk

by crawling.

Look at any baby

and you’ll know

everyone is a miracle,

born naturally divine.

We learned pain and fear here

in this gladiator arena,

but inside of us was always good.

I think we’re ancient astronauts,

traveling angels with amnesia,

cosmic Bodhisattvas

voluntarily returning

to this ruined paradise in hell.

One lifetime here

can’t explain,

the everything of existence.

There’s an epic mystery

patiently waiting for us

to remember,


uncover the wonder

of what really we are.