Poem : Trauma Electric

Trauma is electrifying,

it’s an electrocution,

it shocks and jolts your brain,

memories are soldered

into the main frame of your mind

and grief stands guard

at the base of you,

never letting go,

embedded in you

with pit bull teeth,

latched in a kill grip,

jammed into your bones.

It feels like living death,

relentless hatred,

so much endless

writhing punishment,

you think it’ll never end,

you want to die,

let go of the heavy

luxurious warmth of this body,

slide out like spirit vapor,

float up through the top

of your pristine

alabaster skull,

up through the light

spiraling ceiling,

you can breathe there,

away from the beating

torture rape

that’s destroyed the peace

in your perfectly innocent

body the original

paradise of this world.