Memoir Poem : Scars

Copyright 2012 Judy Eun Kyung Kim, original acrylic painting, digitally altered

The scars on me are invisible,

but can be seen in my eyes,

And the lies I tell still

To be accepted as normal is

To not be seen, known or heard.

In this pretend world,

It’s time to unmask,

disrobe, reveal

Unfolding secrets,

Editing tragedy,

Re-translates time,

Truth re-aligns

Self to true self,

Eclipsing shame’s choke hold.

They will try to keep you bare,

Peel away at your fears,

Attacking what’s innocent,

to keep you under control,

They believe more is not enough

They believe in force, control, status,

Endless wars and competition,

‘Greed is good’ to those who are afraid.

Your advantage is knowing

Who you are,

Standing Proud,

a Presence Divine,

It’s Time to prove them wrong

By the will of your Good.


  1. Strong and portrays firm belief in what you are and believe. Very nice as it describes your stance as a poet through your persona though the content/message is more aimed for the readers.

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