Journal : Sex Slave Fashion?

Copyrighted image by Matt Baron

Why are a majority of high profile women still so willingly objectified, in our so-called liberated society? If we were truly sexually liberated, this Hollywood couple wouldn’t be dressed this way. Does this wife look like an equal partner or does she look like a concubine? This is the actor, Jeff Goldblum with his much younger wife smiling obliviously for the red carpet cameras, with her skimpy black underwear prominently displayed through her translucent negligee. The black choker necklace is reminiscent of a dog collar. Notice how macho dominant his body language is, with her in complete, near-naked submission.

Copyrighted image by Faye Sadou

Paris Hilton shows off her ass in obnoxiously, polka-dotted sex slave haute couture. Does she have any real talent other than appearing in a sex tape and being born rich?

Copyrighted image by Daniele Venturelli

The day that men and women are seen as equals, not opposites is an evolutionary leap for some of these brain dead celebrities. Unfortunately the female sex slave fashion trend seems to be as timeless as the world’s oldest “profession”.

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