Poem : persephone

Image from pixabay.com

Persephone deep

dark underwood,

sacrificed to live like a vampire

Deprived of gorgeous

radiant sunlight

Stolen as a child

while collecting wildflowers,

Hell ripped open earthquakes

to swallow her angelic good

into unending demonic nightmare

with her rapist uncle, pedophile death.

He destroyed her innocence

her potential to grow.

Her mind evolves, but she’s forever ageless.

He took her future body

murdered her childhood

starved and entranced her

with a chain of 6

ruby perfectly ripe pomegranate

seeds imprisoned her eternally,

she wears them dangling on her neck

like a noose, a blood-stained scar.

Fall is cursed, fated depression, falling into hell

Winter is hopeless sterile doom

Spring is sanctuary, a bright reunion with her mourning mother

Summer is their bittersweet brief paradise.

She should’ve loved Prometheus

who has his liver ripped out, devoured alive

everyday by a sadistic eagle

because he felt compassion for people.

They form a perfect circle

of beautified suffering.


  1. Great poem.

    The story of Persephone is one of my favourite Greek myths.

    In fact in the current vampire novel I’m writing (as you know Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic gods and goddesses occasionally appear as characters in my novel), Persephone is currently engaged in an act of vengeance on Hades.

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  2. Hi Judy. A retelling in poetry as marvellously executed no one could. The love story between Hades and Persephone is my favourite though you explore a more dark deep undertone to the Greek myth. Only one thing: I remember Persephone did love a dead man called Adonis, a love she kept secret from Hades.

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    1. Thank you Foolchund Saahil, now I feel inspired to write about their affair! I didn’t know she knew Adonis ;). I was going to write a series of poems for Persephone, one about a love for Orpheus. He’s another sad character that I love.

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