Poem : America is a Sanctuary Only for the Rich

Copyright free images are from pixabay.com

Child hostages locked

in chain link cages

in concrete kennels

unfit for dogs.

Child prisoners still in diapers

wrapped in crinkled space foil

metallic paper blankets

with tear-stained misery and hungry stomachs

fed GMO poison and sedation drugs.

Stolen toddlers labeled

Unaccompanied are standing

on trial representing themselves

in an unknown language.

Uniformed militant captors

aren’t daycare workers,

or dorky summer camp counselors.

They’re psychopathic,

conscience-less prison guards

with hearts immune to the suffering

of pregnant women and children

sleeping huddled on concrete floors

of a re-branded Wal-Mart store.

They even separate the siblings

after taking away the parents

to prevent sobbing brothers and sisters

from holding on to each other

when love for each other is all they have left.

This imperialist country has

orphaned them because they believed in the lie

that America is a sanctuary for the oppressed,

when it’s America that’s the oppressor of the third world.

To be undocumented is to be trafficked and raped

by sanctioned ICE guards hiding behind a hypocrite’s flag.

Demeaned and hunted here in this country club

land of unequal opportunity,

immigrants are criminalized and their children are sold

to adoption agencies the modern form of slavery

of the poorest children in our meat market world.

Refuges running from corruption

who were trying to survive

CIA funded gangs and drug war culture

that this country continually profits from;

they were never orphans

they were not unloved.

Their parents were tricked into signing away

their rights to their own children.

This greedy country that’s been exploiting

the world’s poor and vulnerable

since it’s inception,

pretends: generosity, opportunity and justice

but only for their kind.

They map the world with their Corporate Conquerer names,

their slave owner faces stain all our books, film, media and money.

“Shoot them at the border,” says the smiling blonde DMV employee

“Go back to your own country!” says the grammar butchering bigots, “Speak ‘Merican!”

But it’s 2018 and we, the outsiders, we, the survivors, know what’s true and false,

this home belongs to us, not to murdering Colonialists,

This stolen land is rightfully, karmically, spiritually ours.

We the oppressed, are the People that we should be fighting for.

copyright free images from pixabay.com


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