Poem : Corporations are not People

Sedated with high fructose corn syrup

in a syringe in the Big Pharma hospital

where they start to morph you

tame you, circumcise you.

Mercury peanut GMO ADHD

Mumps, measles and rubella

poison re-packaged as medicine.

They funnel you

from broken school to prison line

whether you did the crime

or were framed,

or shot in the back while unarmed

with a cell phone in your grandmother’s back yard

they will not apologize or admit

that the violence against the melanin in your skin

makes them win in every courtroom

if they’re white and come from old money,

they’re automatically promoted

into law, politics and roles of authority

over the rest of us colored: cattle, sheep, things.

If you’re poor you’re born to serve

the best you could do is fight and die

in their imperialistic energy wars

or straight to the blue collar drug & retail store

truck driving and fast food pawn shop

paycheck to paycheck indentured slavery

minimum wage with no benefits

no way out of brain dead consumerism

of American trash tv food celebrity porn

it’s all consistently, decrepitly, garbage

part time permanently temporary norm

disposable replaceable invisible

subordinate worker drones

Corporations are not people

We the asleep, are the People

drugged by the insecurity of greed

fake needs, superficial worries

we the people are the only ones

that can possibly save us

from ourselves, our fears, our apathy

even to tyranny.