Poem : Power of the Small

Andre Benz,unsplash.com

Little weeee

Racing through the tunnel

Of flashing LED

Little colony of colonizers

Pre-occupied we

With our phone homes

Like little ETs

We’re looking for answers

With our little eyes

Through technology’s blur

Crystal batteries from

Silicon Valley

sounds like something

From Star Trek reality.

Google Apple Android Nerd

Are we going to stay?

If so we’d better

Get our shit together.

I think we’re soon to




Back into dinosaurs

Before us was, who knows.

I don’t trust the scientists


Not since GMO

And they let Pluto go

Rogue dwarf not a planet


What who when why

I don’t have a clue.

Little i’s

Little we’s

Have hijacked the planet

Raped and pillaged her.

When will we

the People fight back

against our oppressors?

In life’s monster ride,

the littlest of the little is best,

like Tiny Tim professed,

Bless us, everyone.

The small,

the quiet,

the humble,

the meek

will always win—

against the ego,

the bully,

the abandoned,

the tyrant,

the forgotten

shadow twin.

When Will We The People

Justly overthrow

The sickos who run

this fixed race of decadence

this fabricated judge and jury

Zombie cannibal show?

Like in Lord of the Rings

The halfling gentle hobbits

Were the golden-hearted

heroes of them all

that rescued their middle world

from a nefarious fall.

Long life and Power to the Small.

Our world needs real heroes.

Where is our Frodo?

“In the mirror,”

Says Gandalf.

Sagittarius Voyage, unsplash.com


  1. Thanks, glad you liked the literary references. I don’t believe scientists, I’m sure there are a few good ones, now they say Pluto is again a planet, I think they’ve only scratched the surface of knowledge but pretend to be experts.

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    1. Very true.

      My dad was a scientist but one with a sense of humility unlike many.

      But then he was a writer, poet and artist as well.

      I think that is what made him so humble and such a kind loving human being.

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