Poem : Radiance


We are of starlight.

We are water life and energy light.

We are material and ethereal.

We are a circle of women dreaming

a circle within

a circle of men dreaming

a circle again.

We are a band

of traveling


a band of waves.

We are creation


Nothing is

by accident.

We seek what we are

We seek ourselves

We are the best answer.

We are the miracle.

Everyone born

and reborn

is a miracle.

Be what you dream

Light manifested.

Be acceptance

As soon as you let go,

you float.

As soon as you know

you glow

pure sun lit stream

dreaming itself awake.

Be freedom to choose

Life is freedom’s choice.

Be the love

you came here for

true union with true self.

Microcosm Infinite

Universe Everywhere

Uniquely Whole.

Yes again unto one self

made out of pure


(Written 4.9.01 revised 10.3.18)