Memoir Poem: The Invasion

Karina Vorozheeva,

The invasion that took over

my father was not him,

It was another

Monster hiding

In his stolen body shell

This monster took us

Straight to Hell

My mother

My brother

My sister

and I

We’re all

Still miraculously alive

Living mysteriously

graced by diamonds.

We live our lives

sometimes in lies

for etiquette and survival

Or running unmasked through shame,

like the child naked in napalm torture

But sometimes we’re renewed after burial,

rising like the sun the stars

the moon and everything reborn,

hope comes always at last,

breaking the marathon hunger fast,

In true guise as the brightest surprise,

Thousand Rainbowed Sunrise.

We’re multifaceted resilient

love tried creatures of luminous,

We go through this life

As if we were



  1. A powerful poem full of powerful imagery.

    And your reference to that photo that I’ve found the most haunting photo I ever saw in my life- that poor Vietnamese girl running naked in pain and agony after her clothes were burnt off by napalm dropped on her by a U.S. Air Force pilot- such powerful visual imagery indeed.


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