Poem: We Are Home

Surfer, Ruben Gutierrez, unsplash.com

Whale timed movement

A continent’s worth of songs

Tectonic flow and rupture

Sleep quaking volcano.

Titans awake opening

Magic fracture bones along ley line maps

shining underworld rivers of burning light

dividing our world invisibly

underneath with pressurized silent explosions

morphing crystals to grow into the future now

sparkling secret amulet caves

where an ancient shaman artist imprinted

his hands blowing French fairy dust

tailed with shadows and animated animals

Paint shaped by reverent awe and amazement,

astounding us from our ever sleep walking reality.

Naming bisons deer arrows spear lakes and home

with images shimmering in torchlight

dancing in the hypnotic glow.

Art is made to amaze ourselves

and remind us of true home.

The deviousness of apathy kills us in slow motion

and Love is the heroic antidote potion,

but we’ve disguised rape as love,

torture as affection,

taking as giving,

gang bang S & M Hell

leaving paradise’s innocence

to learn through pain and grieving.

Water routes fissure

Pounding out the frozen

Monsoon tsunami

Thunder pounding scepter

will reset Time,

Creation and Destruction both Divine

Generous Jupiter vs Taskmaster Saturn.

Myth gods play with our wonder and loss

to show us who’s still boss, not us,

we’re not even close to remembering,

much less owning our silent crowns

spiritually sown through survival,

witch trials, tribunals, prison camps,

If you can resurrect after these brutalities

you’re prized with a golden heart and halo

with eyes to know like Jesus and Buddha.

If you can love your oppressor you’ve won,

You’ve overcome their dark power, their leaking Sun,

Their fear of falling, dying, trying,

their fear of nowhere, is now here.

So Be Here Now, or don’t bother

show up or exit out of the mediocre.

Death is a hoarder afraid to let go

to what’s waiting is more beautiful unknown,

if you don’t struggle you’ll float

up through the galaxies of hope.

Darkness can annihilate with robotic perfection

through thoughts into seconds

negating throughout forever,

Ruining what takes Love aeons to build and discover.

Dead soul gods, demonic aliens cloaked

like pretend saints, maybe,

They’ll destroy us before we can

destroy ourselves and our lonely orbed planet

Warped Bodyship Gaia with her twinkling tiered dress,

of white light cloud swirls set in a tiara of stars,

sinking aurora blue tear light waterfalls into ocean.

Shaped like an eye, i, aye,

shaped like the answer to why is


to all the unimagined miracles

that we never understood.

i hope there’s time enough

for the god in us to remember goddess,

and that god is good and that we are god,

collectively powerfully good,

while there’s still time for us to be saviors

not just survivors.




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