Memoir Poem: Tenderness


(For David T. who loved the unloveable in me)

Maybe I never learned

that I was good enough

but with David I allowed it


He’s gone because I gave up

I betrayed him

and he was the kindest knight I ever loved

but he was beyond my known

beyond what I could trust

I was an Orpheus afraid

of losing him so I made it end

in traitor sorrow

punishing myself now

doesn’t ever hurt anymore.

I met him in the verdant

in moss and everblade

it was Spring for me

for him high Summer

He was a ghost

I was a shadow

we kissed underwater

in redemption

we cried into kindness and loss.

He raised me to the Luna

blessed my scars

said, “Madness is sorrow

is nothing,

Don’t fear it”.

Open your heart lock vase

break into love

like brave waves

break open your box

imagine it real.




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