Poem: The Paradox of Validation


Writing that I like the most

Gets almost no attention

No reception

No mention in the hallows of verse

Like ghosts of interception

But is that such a curse?

Doomed writer in the multi-universe?

Stan Lee nods a wave of acknowledgement

“Tahtah! Good luck young hero! Excelsior!”

He winks while cameo smiling

and miles to go before I sleep—

says Mr Moo in hiding

“haha!” me pirate queen says

“lucky you’re still shining

time to stop yer whining”

get back in the saddle striving

keep climbing Kilimanjaro

there’s nothing real

to prove to anyone

but to your truest self

Validation is a paradox


but oh so comforting.


  1. Very true. As humans, we are hardwired to crave positive feedback to ensure our words and actions align with relative societal norms. This is instinctive and yet, as you aptly describe, it is also a bit of a paradox to our sense of individuality. Much food for thought in your poem.

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      1. Unless you’re okay being a hermit, or you really don’t care what people think about you, there will always be some desire for approval. Those who seem self-reliant most likely had the support of family and friends who have helped them grow into their individualistic selves. And I believe they still need approval, but only from the people closest to them.

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    1. Maybe a mix of self/other support/connection creates a balance. I think we’re social creatures that would go crazy in isolation. Infant orphans that were fed/cared for but not loved/hugged, actually died from lack of love.

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