Poem: Yellow Face Rant

(I’ll preface to say this poem is an angry rant against racists not against “white people”. I also advocate for the rights of transsexuals, they are not my target).

Cloud Atlas in Yellow Face

Shame on the directors

The Wachowskis

Who used to be brothers

Why are you both so racist?

You’ve ruined the original

author’s gift and intent

Mitchell wrote a masterpiece

and you butchered it.

You’d think at least the director

Lana with her transgender edge

would know better.

Did she or didn’t she know

that parading whites as asians

in Yellow Face alien guise

is an insult to our lives?

We’ve already lived through

a lifetime of discrimination.

We’ve already been hostaged

with Ching Chong songs

jokes, taunts, spits, hits

harmless school bully fun.

We’ve already been brainwashed ugly

through conquerer media and propaganda.

What’s your true agenda Lana?

She used to be a man

so you’d think she’d understand

with an angry itch of sensitivity

to look deeper than a surface

shortcut summary

of how to represent

Asians with authenticity

not the lopsided angry

cat-eyed, curled,

filmic atrocity of what

racists think we look like

silicone thick eyelid flab

two fake prosthetic jabs

glued over the non-asian actors eyes

a rubber Halloween psycho mask

of Mandarin Chinese opera

or Madame Butterfly bullshit

that the white actors wore

with calm sell-out disgrace.

I hope all the participant’s careers

plummet to obscurity.

If you can’t do it right

Wachowskis you need to step aside

leave immediately.

We as a humanity don’t have

endless time to figure this out.

Racism needs to end now and forever.

We have to stand together

or we need to die out.

Apocalypse is here

god and devil is here in us,

don’t you understand?

Salvation depends on all of us

to wake up

demand justice for all

stop waiting for a rescue party

from god, allah, buddha.

Your savior is and lives

within your choices.

Wachowskis your fame died

decades ago

the only good Matrix

was the original.

Why’d you add greedy sequels

to a finished question?

You had to kill Trinity

and blind poor Neo?

Money old devil money got you

bought and sold

seeking out old gold

They bought your art

for dark blood honey.

If you can’t capture the genuine

If you can’t show truth with respect

Then get your fucking

Empire hands off my culture.

Pretending you’re an advocate

to my people that you have no clue about.

Poor Korean Doona Bae,

stuck in the Asian clone role

They even had her play

a Mexican woman

absolute ridiculousness.

I didn’t understand at first

in the film, her activist partner

the one who saved her

from becoming liquid soap

played by what’s his Sturgess face

was supposed to be her same race!?

They were both supposed

to be Koreans?!


How was that possible?

With his Spock-like–

Fu Man Chu–

Charlie Chan mask?

Those plastic jaundiced eyes

weren’t an accident

I think your disrespectful depiction

is full of racial biased sickness.

You’re has-been siblings

Andy and Lana


entitled has-beens.

You used to be The Man

literally Lana

or are you still the oppressor

in liberal disguise?

Under wild make up,

false eye lashes

and fuchsia cherry pink

punk clown hair

you’re still

a phoney

feminist wanna be.

Your Jupiter Ascending’s

gmo skater puppy love story

was not enough

to pull your careers

out of the rut

of your but

your karma’s up.

Past fans like I was

are now your sworn enemies.

Hugh Grant are you that hard up for money to portray a drag queen equivalent of a Korean man?
Hugo Weaving as….Mr. Spock in yellow face? Stick with Lord of the Rings please.

Sure this looks like an actual computer generated person.
Yes Doona Bae you should cry over the blatant Yellow Face you swallowed.
Doona Bae and H. Berry in yellow face. She was the first black female Oscar winner, I remember how hard she cried when she won her prize. She should have known better. Halle Berry I’m embarrassed for you.
(The dimwits above directed this racist fiasco) http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/directors-andy-wachowski-lana-wachowski-and-tom-tykwer-pose-for-the-picture-id153595263 photo by Astrid Stawiarz
To all the artists above, may you grow up to know better.


    1. I sure do like to rant sometimes but hopefully within reason. I get upset when I see mainstream media getting away with creepy messages; it almost feels subliminal like we’re supposed to accept that the presented ignorance is ok. As a writer who advocates for marginalized people and silenced voices, I like to get up on my soapbox…even if no one’s listening! Thank you for your supportive comment Cubby and for understanding my intent.

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      1. People with the power of mass media, with the attendant power of influence, carry a heavy social responsibility that they should not neglect. I think it is fantastic that you are a voice for those who cannot or will not speak. It shows great compassion. 🙂

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  1. This is abso-freakin’-lutely amazing…! Can’t recall how many times i have lost my mind trying to furiously debate with a fellow av club member on why it is just ethically and morally wrong to let a white actor portray an Asian character when there is no dearth of talent among actors of Asian descent or Asian actors. Had that debate for Dr. Strange, had it for Ghost in the shell, and oh my goodness, had it too many times for Iron Fist for it’s blatant cultural appropriation! And all my discussions amounted to zilch and I swore off talking about it on stupid internet forums and AV club site. But this…. More please! It felt so good reading it… I felt my own voice in it. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Thank you for advocating for authenticity! Many don’t even notice that something’s wrong which is super disturbing, as if we’ve been brainwashed. All the things you mentioned, I feel the same way, the yellow face ruins what could’ve been a masterpiece, films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s… so blatantly insulting. Thanks again for understanding and being a voice of reason!


  2. Great work Judy. Through the free verse, I sense underlying frustration arising from the theme explored. The poetic voice sure looks revolted. It makes me remember ‘The White House’ by McKay. There’s a module at University called America, Race and Culture. I am planning to do it. Perhaps I’ll get a clearer view of the situation and we can get to discuss those stereotypes and racist things. You sure know how to stir my curiosity! And above all, so keep the fight going and don’t give up. My full support to it.

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    1. Thank you, well the crazy racist in the current White House in the US is stirring up racial violence like no one has in awhile. Racism in America was hidden away but always present. I think there’s a chance to change this, I think many people are waking up to inequality. I hope so.

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