Poem: Angels of Original Good

Sasin Tipchai , pixabay.com

All kids are angels

Walking sideways laughing

hopping on one foot

singing golden climbs

through breathing trees

vibrato lungs in ringing leaves

like rain loves flowers

shimmering doubled softly

night light moon shine

streaming silver green

dragonfly winged mini helicopters

dipping sweet sunrise into rivers

reminding us of natural Good.



utero world


egg pearl

full of swirls

and startles of sight

That’s how we begin

growing ourselves alive

sperm rush like hyper

subatomic rockets

fairy tadpole mermen

confused diving love bulletins

wishing to find

home shelter acceptance

swimming like rodeo asteroids in the sonic astral

breaching the safety of silence nesting rest

orgasmic bubbles salivating rainbows

prismatic multiplying and dividing

like crystal diamonds crying

one by two by four by even

Zygote elegance

harmony is grace entranced

subdivide ourselves

duplicated into One Original Being.

All of us carry these magnetic codes

lost magic doors to secrets of the universe.

Didn’t we come here

in a multitude of trust?

That’s what I thought I remembered

I volunteered for

bought the package bargain

living in the paradise

planet of everything

hell and heaven in abundance

Choose your own adventure

I didn’t realize

I’d be stuck

in old soul guise

cloaked in limbo

seeking perfection’s lies

in half-disturbed amnesia

Angels tiny rescuers of hope

are here to remind us if we’d listen

they resurrect us

ancient beacons

as living divine mirages of time

to remember what we are

starlight universal being

seeing lucid temporal artist

incubating world of angel

becoming light speed cosmonauts

sleep orbiting in mama

in a water globe of love.

Before the karma

Humans birthed through

need each other like orphans

We won’t survive alone

or maybe we can but why bother

in solitary confinement

omega man alpha survivor

in a zombie dead world.

Children are our guides

they hold the sacred

cure for the curse

a return to innocence

the dream of Eden

lives in them

the things we’ve loved

and thought we lost

they retrieve for us.


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      1. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

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  2. I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love in what you just wrote. Am happy right now.

    A wonderful and interesting poem.

    Enjoy. Happy Friday

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  3. I love this. This poem, in spirit, rests within me practically once a week, as I write and ponder various aspects of it in my own work. And I see its trueness daily in the shining being of my little son. Well expressed! 🙂

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