Poem: Half-dream


Half dream partial memory

portal wish towards home.

I’m in the zone

Not homeless goatee zombie

trying to eat my brain for free

WTF with that?

Frankenstein had a thunder bolt flash

so why was it lodged in his throat?

like a wish bone

from a sacrificed chicken

phone home

get out of earth lottery

suicide hotlines are jealous

why can’t it be my turn

Poor Frankie goes to Hollywood

never amounted to anything good

fifth grade yearbook slideshow

blew me out the lobby

speakers shouted

Frankie howled and pouted

“it’s my time now—-!

heyyyyh ohhhhhhh!


it’s just a song from the eighties

no cause for musical alarm

don’t harm the musician’s molecules

a step drop wrong can’t be absolved in ruin

the triumphant imps of the gods parade

running like lap dogs

with grenades

on a trampoline of wine on high wire

a marathon of frogs leap climbing down to sleep

and weep dear love sheep draught with fantasies

in thee thou thine

slow dance trancing sorrow

romance is foolhardy strong

bellows brave silk ribbons of song

that drew mermaid sirens still and near

save the truth hidden under vicious wrong fears

in the harmless world winds of apprenticeship

not the warped up shit for show

pay per blow trumpcafeteriagauze

Amerika for sale for real cheap bouillabaisse

gold cube soup of blue blood bouillon cause

As if I don’t have work tomorrow

sorrow capes her wave and blazes gone

I’ll wave my farewell tendrils

until we meet again mon chere

in everlasting embers of

under better luck and circumstances

we’d be wed in joy.

Befriend us now from the spell of hell

which loves beguiling

alienating virtue

because of it’s impossible

sting of harm as charm.

Not me I’m a natural

wood river sky nymph

virgin as pure as woman.

Be Well

Bon Chance

Bon Nui

C’est la vie

Bon Voyage

godspeed to the power of three

to third eye goddess goodness galore

Fare thee well

escape from hell’s spell

of forsaking us

newborn bleating lambs

chortling baby piglets

Goat kids and chicklets in throttle

Let’s stop eating all of them bunnies

sleep a dream awake from zombie storms

with good soft sinking pillows til dawn.


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