Poem: Asians Are Not Exotic


I couldn’t hide my eyes

which made me Other

Ghengis Khan

Mongolian hordes

attacking with long swords


Mongolianism was the original term

for Down’s Syndrome,

a parent’s nightmare

to see their child’s eyelids’

thick and covered open

“short stature, flat face”

those were the mentioned features

“It’s” not like Us

looks like Them

slit eyed yellow dogs

dirty ponytailed mongrels.

I remember looking it up

when encyclopedias still existed

white babies were diseased

if they looked Chinese

they were labeled Mongolian

the word for mentally retarded.

Manchurian Mandarin

Charlie Chan yellow face Asshole

Have you heard this one?

Chinese people never cuss

Ass So Ass So”

kids sang that in playgrounds

when I was growing up

I had it rough fighting with school bullies

I was small but a bulldozer

with the advantage of surprise

they didn’t expect me to stand up to their lies.

I fought and won I’m proud of that

cause bullies will never stop until you make them.

Corporate Media loved to display

our flat butts and flat chest and flat black hair

in Chinese opera bangs and buns

coiled like Star Wars’ Leia

Don’t get me started on the cultural theft there

The Force is stolen Chi

Can’t you believe it?

Lucas didn’t invent anything

we were brainwashed to think

he created something he “borrowed”

without acknowledgment.

He’s another Columbus pretending

he discovered something that already existed.

Conquerors plant their blood soaked flags

on virgin lands and people who danced and sang

joyfully with the trees in the water waving planting laughter

They were too natural, in harmony with goodness

unweaponized and unprepared for the slaughter.

Asian “girls” are still for sale

in the Pink Room brothels of torture

by pedophiles with pockets full of American dollars

they buy the stolen children at a bargain

sip their cocktails like emperors of excursion.

They tie them up and beat them while they rape their orphaned bodies.

It’s true even if you’d don’t want to know

it’s happening right now somewhere everywhere

there’s blood and semen dripping on shell shocked bombed out walls.

Propaganda shows Asian porno ready

beauties in make up masks waiting for abuse

bending over blowing kisses

while wearing triangle peasant farmer hats

like temples bowing perfect appreciation

in g string thongs of adoration

for the love you long time G I gods

of Kubrick’s mention.

Call Girls hope for their chance out of hell

straight into war bride prison

in faraway lands with languages

they can’t understand

or recognize themselves in

they’re trapped again in bondage

in redneck towns where they’d stand out

if they tried to run or crawl away

after a beating that’s all you can do.

Massage girls in hovels called hotels

oriental ornamentals

with paper crepe parasols decorated

with origami cranes and dragon pearls

yellow concubine birds and swallows.

Opium fat madame bows boozy accented glory

shows her old cleavage still has bargirl mileage

on MASH the racist, sexist TV

North American heroes show.

When I was a preteen living in the US

in the 1980s land of coked up celluloid MTV dreams

I watched Bowie’s China girl

with anticipated affection

that turned into humiliated embarrassment:

the tip toed subservience, Fu Man Chu grotesque nails,

the whispered shushing and fake shy blushing

makes me want to hurl and punch

dead Bowie in his blonde haired pale face.

Yes I liked his music that’s why I’m so mad

with all of his knowing cultural awareness

why’d he do it?

Why’d he betray us and exploit

the stereotypes of Asian women

as ageless premature girls giggling,

with high pitched cutesy helpless voices,

serving men like living blow up dolls

geishas of free publicity.

Don’t forget George Michael’s “Sex Positive” video

I want your sex bullshit

pretending to want flat Asian female ass!

The music video’s lens never left her walking gap

crack of her ass bikinied in limbo objectification

of young model’s bones encased in anorexic skin

displaying her flat assets aplenty,

to pretend Gay Michaels wasn’t gay.

That sell out never even properly came out

instead he got arrested for public indecency

like a coward in a public toilet.

I’m not a gay basher, all my gay friends are brave

not hiding in the closet exploiting

Asian stereotypes to sell cheesy albums.

What are the corporate executives afraid of?

That they constantly portray Asians as a meal

to rape and ingest and flush away.

Do they think exploiting us will make us go away

or be more invisible then we already are?

Do they think that by subduing us

with yellow horde propaganda

that they’ll improve their math skills

and actually earn their way to Harvard?


I’ve come to tell the truth

singing the songs of trafficked children

on a Sunday afternoon

while rich sons of asshole daddies

rule our forsaken world

as They always have

because We let them.



  1. Yes, all humanity is broken & leaking
    The urinal of a public toilet … stinking A policeman hiding in the corner listening
    ~ Trash, the White Devil

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    1. The tragic thing is most humans are essentially good, not perfect but basically decent; but the ones in control are corrupt/sick/psychopaths without conscience. I think good people have to stop being sheep/slaves to those psychos in power. How this can happen, I have no idea, other than dramatic revolution. People have to flood the streets demanding change, constantly until things finally change.

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    1. That’s very troubling to hear, I think there is a sex trafficking/ pedophile ring worldwide, I don’t think every politician is involved but probably many are.


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