Poem: Revelations


We’re in hell

with clones

of peter parker posey

crossed with

lady phat gangrene gaga

princess grace garbled in garbo.

Don’t worry about later

Hell is now here

inbred by pseudo scientists

and going nowhere soon

groomed to doom in the tomb

of ignorance called progress.

Knowledge exists in our consciousness

within intuition’s feeling

our bodies retain awareness

if only we’d pay attention.

When we return

renewed in baby form

adored or ignored or abused

back to the drawing board struggle

checker board game of survival.

Later is right back here in the storm

of forgetting in Planet Us reborn.

When they haven’t figured it out yet

still collecting pieces of the puzzle

like building blocks Kindergarten stuff

That’s when they want to crusade

at me with a megaphone like a church gun

in roaring accusations in subways of forced salvation

“Admit to being born a sinner deserving of death or else!

if not for Jesus the superstar carpenter

you’d already be burnin a worthless sinner!”

Don’t get mad bumpkins, I’m just sayin

I know that you’re seeking security in the pretend norm

but wake up before you can’t anymore.

They’re coming to take you away

to the funny farm to eat you.

We’re living in a reality unseen

darker than black hole death’s stream

worse than in the slasher movies

bad things are happening by perverts in

pope robes and deacon closets

in slaughter house pits

and the people in power know

because they’re the beasties

preening their disease and absolute rulership.

None of those aristocrat murderers and monsters were ever dethroned.

They just went underground as philanthropists

into the unknown ambiguous and bought up the bruised world

through stocks and bonds they hog tied us in free labor

made us into a carnival cannibal sideshow.

All the missing kids and innocents are there

or in ravines like poor Ophelia.

No rainbows go in those streams

in those bones of blood shadows

only death, the predator stalker

eats their wounded hearts.

I don’t know how to heal this world

I think once ago I thought I could help

I’m an old soul but still in the first grade

maybe I was wisest then

but I’ve started finding patterns

themes that matched clues

I placed them together from scratch

private detective-like photographed the mystery

in black and white films in canister cameras

in plastic photo sensitive paper

I caught everlasting waves of time

developed silver swirled in chemicals

waving liquid in red emergency lights

darkroom mirage mirror water flowers

blooming into sight like holograms

a patchwork collage like dreaming

birthed images appear like magic ink unfurled

of faraway people and causes

Time travel exists in us.

Life is but a Dream but why

do thoughts direct memory

theatrically rearranging characters

merged to find inner connect the dots

answers like constellations.




of stars left in us is us

lightbeam travelers

stardust supernova

the best of the best of the best

last chance survivors.

But I don’t think anyone of us

has reached heaven yet

unless they already started there

lest we forget our mission first was to Love.

I think we have to go all together

uncover reality in

Spaceship Maya

“All In” like gamblers

All or nothing

No one left abandoned

is the oath of Bodhisattva

Live or Die as One

Conscious Being

Earthship Gaia

because of Love we belong together

in primal need each other

to make more

Baby Buddhas

Divine Earthlings

Tiny hearts beating on a blue swirled marble

Like roulette, a dance, a trance of aeons.

We marvel at ourselves orbiting in Milky Way

in long distance microscope we’re a beautiful disaster.

Floating as if by chance at the exact distance from the sun

Fate is gracefully dramatic sometimes.

Planet Blue supports water, life and us crazies.

Even the good ones are crazy

Or maybe especially the best crazies are geniuses

but Madness is possession,

not the good, safe, crazy I like,

I mean madness is a psycho killer zombie takeover

chainsaw butcher meat obssession.

We are lambs born into slaughter.

Each one of us has to learn to survive.

Some have kind guides

some are slaughtered early

fixed, lobotomized, imprisoned, enslaved.

It’s still happening in Catholic Churches

Choir boys on their innocent knees locked in gory filth

I’m watching Netflix documentaries about pedophiles

and Ted Bundy the serial killer who practiced necrophilia.

He raped and decapitated them drenched in satan

maybe it was crowley’s demon in him coaxing him with sadist’s thrill

He looked like George Bush Jr the ex US president terrorist who

protected his insider job buddies the saudis who flew free commercial airplane

rides home while US citizens were held hostage from ourselves in 911.

We are in hell especially in North America

prisoners of a system that doesn’t give a shit about us.

We another product

human porno cattle,

we just don’t realize

we’re being used and sold.

Trafficking is the old new economy

especially in the Bible Belt how ironic.

Spread the news reveal the camera tricks

read the silent lips find the truth where it hurts.

We can help each other to get out of Hell for free

just please Listen

don’t veg out on media books films sports.

It’s all rigged folks all conditioned



on slavery

OBEY or escape through illusions in drugs and food and sex.

Sleep rest dream your life away on this pretend comfortable infested swarm.

Afraid of meaninglessness so we create gods that reflect us

tell stories build fables into legends into religions

that punish us with codes that they themselves break.

They rape us as children especially

when we don’t know how to fight back

good complacent livestock.

Some of us never learned to fight back.

Fight for your life don’t ever give in thinking they’ll spare you they won’t

Fight for your life to the point of death better to die quickly while fighting

than endless cage or torture, I don’t want to know the details of evil that exists

but it does in every city of this lost depraved ship of fools, mind tripped world

“we’re living in da matrix” someone wrote in chalk on the sidewalk pathway home.

The monsters of fairy tales walk among us as teachers elders doctors police.

They consecrate their savage hate pedophile S and M

the Marquis de Sade was demon pretending to be an artist

writing with quill dipped in his own shit

of how he loved raping women torturing them to shredded bits.

Wizard of oz imposter, sham, liar, con man

like the priests the vile predators of purity

Those demons of hate will get their fate a thousand times more

Using their false religion to destroy how many with their lies of paradise.

True Artists are healers revealers of what’s natural

Evil is against the natural world both outside and inside ourselves

it wants to destroy the authentic real, replace it with illusions of unworthiness.

They shit on our world, why do we let them?

I’m almost old now but even when young

I was wise to the trap of the lap

old pervs dressed as Santa Claus

father priest

teacher thief.

the creators of lifelong grief.


    1. Thank you Jaya, there’s a lot of negative things going on (I think the truth is finally leaking out). I think the way to change things is to expose them. I believe that most people are basically good but some are absolutely monstrous. I’m glad you liked the poem. I appreciate your support.❤️

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