Poem: Angels of Rebirth


In the beginning was light

curved into a circle with white bright

rainbows glistening mandalas.

Even the shadows silver gleam

with pearled moonbeams.

There’s finally nothing

to fear in the Here After.

Death isn’t ominous once you’re dead.

Nothing is scarier than the strife of earth school.

They said you’re brave to want to go

to the trickster howler rodeo

knife fight for your life show.

We’re all proud of you

compassionate volunteers

rebirthed Bodhisattvas

what would we do without you?

You carry the hope


your baby heart


in pure beginner’s mind.

It glides with wonder

and flirts with luck

as synchronicity

prize and guide.

Don’t ever forget in doomed amnesia

how much you’re loved by all of us.

We’re rooting for you invisibly

cheering you on silently

as you escape death traps and hunger

We’re crying for your losses

waiting endlessly to celebrate your return

to formlessness again

to you in the we of us.

You’ve tried your best and

that’s more than great enough.

For at least a few aeons rest your laurels

to remember what you’re made of


A few thousand years is like a second

in the astral there’s nothing to fear

Fear lives here on Maya

in the land of mirrored illusions.

We’re all old and new friends here

braving rebirth.


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