Poem: Apologetic Make Up


I’m guilty of it

Stuck in it’s trap

Telling me I’m not good enough

Saying I need to improve

Use this and that and don’t forget to do squats.

Cellulite and wrinkle fear

Shame at muffin top wobbles

Run in a silver trash bag to melt off the blubber

Line my eyes my lips my thighs my hips

With beauty chemicals

Snake oil and dragon urine

Puma pig snail sweat pheromones

Seahorse bones and bull testicles

Shmear it all on

Slather it up good

Lit up in red light district inspired attire

Made up to be presentable polite

Smiling stewardess handmaiden

Miss universe contestant

waitress concubine fashion show

Plain Jane natural is a crime

Slap on the drag queen costume

Join the masses of courtesan asses

Begging to be objectified.



  1. I like the old saying. Pretty is, pretty does. Beauty is skin deep and when if we are lucky. We are allow to see the inner beauty of a woman. I agree with your thoughts. We over-size appearance. True beauty, kind heart and warm soul.

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