Poem: In Lak Ech, Ala Kin (I am another yourself)

Give the world yourself

by actually showing up.

Show your daring.

Share your life evolved

stories of live burial survival.

The fear that hate has taught you

can still be reversed.

Claim the healing

that’s waiting for you always

when you’re ready to

stop giving up.

Hiding your light

in denial is an insult to all of us

and to the miracle of birth.

Your arrival here was a lucky choice

nobody forced you

you volunteered

Maybe you forgot

time moves more slowly in sorrow.

But what you dream of wants ignition

rebirth, it just needs your fire.

Don’t quit anonymously

in useless blame and self sabotage

Don’t be their scapegoat gimp.

Rise up in genius knowing

You’re your own gift

to yourself and to the world.

Choose to be

a reminder of truth

an expression of god

a bleeding heart made of rose quartz.

You’re here to represent

your unique imprint

a microcosmic version of original self.

One of the infinite facets

of divine possibility lives in your choices.

Rainbow dimond us,

indivisible Love

discerning what’s real

while surrounded by pretense.

Be what and who

you really are forever.

Don’t be afraid to hurt

Chase the maniacs away

that try to steal take use abuse

your body your life your rights.

What’s true

will find refuge

a guided pathway home

gleaming crystal stones ring

singing glass cups vibrating bliss

in rose water elixir

music is mathematics’ perfected wish.

You’re like that too

a living masterpiece

I’m an Aquarius, I should know


“In Lak Ech, Ala Kin,”*

my friend,

“I’m another yourself”.

*”In Lak Ech” translates as, “I am another yourself” (modern version) or “You are another me” (a traditional Mayan greeting).

Ala Kin” is the response which translates as, “You are the other me“.

This greeting reminds me of Namaste which in Sanskrit translates to “The divine within me, bows to the divine within you.” It’s an acknowledgment of everyone’s innate divinity.


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