Poem: Tiny Angels


(for JJ my angel)

Raised from a star

Ascended from afar

a tiny angel grew

from a wish.

He swam like a guppy

a somersaulting puppy

like laughter inside me.

He lived in my belly womb

in soft water globe glow

floating in microscopic

white light embryonic


reflected infinite

love in miniature

swirled in wonder.

He chose to be reborn

and I am lucky to be

his imperfectly sad mama.

He gives me hope

in this dying

planet Gaia

please let it not be destroyed

deserted again

like what happened to Mars?

There’s somewhat evidence

of ancient dried up rivers there

and maybe even pyramids!

How crazy!

Are we reborn

Atlantian martians?

Some say we lived there before

but it was destroyed by greed

same as now, history repeats.

Scientists say we have 11 years left

to save the Earth

How could we be so stupid!

To kill ourselves this way!

Remember the Lorax?

Why didn’t we listen?

But what can I do now?

What part do I play in this game?

I can only teach him goodness

and it helps me to know

that I’m not alone anymore

in this heartbreakingly

gorgeous, lonely world.

So full of smiles and sorrow.

Angel son

my little only one

how brave you are

to innocently return here

to a doomed polluted home

with nothing to protect you

but the remembrance

of good in your heart.

Good is god

that’s what we struggle for here

I remember this because

I was my mother’s angel too

once upon a long time ago

I thought my little heart

could make a difference.



  1. “how brave you are / to innocently return here / to a doomed polluted home”
    ~ Our responsibility as parents is great. There comes a time when we will have to prepare our sons and daughters for survival on “a doomed polluted” planet.

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    1. Yes, it’s already happening and getting worse. I get so mad when scientists and Elon Musk suggest we terraform / live on other planets, when we can’t even take care of this one! And if we do leave this planet I’m sure the elites will be the last survivors.

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  2. So sweet about trying to give hope to a child and poignant in the truth that we haven’t done enough to save this beautiful Blue rock we call home. 💔

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    1. Thank you❤️. Children inspire me because they’re so uncensored and innocent. I think most people are good natured, but we feel powerless to save the planet from corporate/elitist greed. Maybe the tide is finally changing? I really hope so!

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      1. I hope it does … But I have been becoming more and more cynical. We only have 12 years and the political will is brittle. But I really want to hold out hope. If we can’t do it for future generations than really, what’s the purpose of living?

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      2. It’s insane that so many politicians are entrenched in corporate profit vs the reality that our planet is in crisis, they’re in denial and I think so many people trust that the government will take care of them. We’ve known about climate change since the 50s but did nothing. The clean technology concepts that Buckminster Fuller invented was never developed, he invented the geodesic dome and created self sustaining environments, (ways of purifying waste water with the power of living plants, that were cleaner than water treated with chemicals). We have the knowledge to improve our world, not pollute but these ideas are censored if they don’t fit into the profit scheme. I remember watching “the Lorax” as a child and feeling inspired to protect the earth. That story is still a classic because it’s even more relevant today. If people had a doctor tell them they had 10-12 yrs to live, I think people would make radical changes, prioritize what’s important. But as a whole we’re still doing nothing but business as usual. Despite all that, we still have to hope and try. The old regime needs to go. Patriarchy competes and conquers, but Matriarchy can heal, protect and connect in my opinion. Sorry for the rant!😬


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