Poem: Death is no excuse for pedophiles


Who said the dead are excused of their crimes?

It’s never too late to speak the truth.

I believe MJ was a pedophile

a Peter Pan wannabe

reigning in sex slave Neverland.

He recruited prepubescent children

turned them into lost boys

groomed their naive, secretly greedy

parents, too blindly eager for their child’s success.

Child star stage parents

who abandoned their boys to his amusement

left their pre-teen sons overnight alone

in his bed behind secret locked doors and ringing bells

in that creepy haunted Las Vegas gaudy

showroom palace of rare oddities:

eternal youth sarcophagus,

warped elephant man bones,

and Bubbles, the captured chimpanzee.

No sane adult would be so obviously obsessed

with children for any other reason

than manipulation and abuse.

MJ claimed he suffered violence and ridicule

from his patriarchal, stage parent father.

I believe he did, but that doesn’t excuse him

from turning into a pervert monster.

Those young boys trusted and idolized him

imitated his moonwalk,

danced his contortions,

wore the same garish costumes,

the tilted hat with the single glove.

MJ sang so many songs about love,

responsibility, change from within.

What an asshole hypocrite he was.

Now it all makes logical sense,

why he kept grabbing his crotch

while screaming.


  1. The world turned a bedazzled eye
    as a devious & manipulative pedaphile
    blatantly groomed and raped children.
    Hopefully lessons learnt.
    Hopefully … never again.

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