Poem: Virtually


The problem with technology

is it eradicates what’s real

separates the boundaries

with a doorway through

to monsterdom

a Frankensteinian future

in league with GMOs

aka cancer candy.

IT steals our thoughts

finishes our sentences

interrupts our conversation

turns off our lights

our power

good night

maybe in time

even our wine!

wait and see

when androids become

you and me.

Maybe it’s already happened

the public is the last to be informed.

We don’t matter much in the collusion.

Will there be Sex bots like Pris

or electro knight killing machine towers

like in Blade Runner,

Ridley Scott’s ancient future dream?

Ode to Rutger Hauer, as Roy Batty, Nexus 6 Replicant

Releasing the dove “like tears in rain”.

The original is the only version I like.

Philip K Dick was kind of insane

dialed in to another plane

I guess all geniuses are.

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner, my favorite scene.

Virtual reality is disinformation

a sabotage technique to disrupt from within

Plant half truths in propaganda news.

Mislead the situation

with one channel

fool the masses,

Tolkien’s “one ring to rule them all“.

They’ve been doing this for awhile

while we trusted in democracy.

Watch “Requiem for the American Dream

a documentary featuring Noam Chomsky.

There was never a democracy here

the system was rigged for the wealthy

to control and pillage and profit.

Just as the aristocracy did before

greed defeats the New World.

The colonization of North American natives

was ruthless, cultural rape and genocide.

Hatred kills without blinking.

The opposite of psychopath is empath.

The ruling class are heartless psychos

so unfeeling they’re already droids

they don’t need a lobotomy

or cryogenic freezing

they’re irretrievably dead inside.

Money melted out the god in them

Now they’re Washington Wall Street

hustlers hookers and CEO pimps.

The problem with technology

is it doesn’t have a limit or boundary

IT’s soulless, without empathy or a conscience,

that’s the definition of psychopathic.



  1. preach it! 🙂 as Jaron Lanier, my favorite tech critic and cultural observer, from the inside, puts it, paraphrasing: it seeks to eliminate or sterilize anything which suggests the scent of truly human.

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