Poem: Strangers

red candle
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Strange how strangers become lovers

sometimes even at first sight

when the chemistry’s right

trust is instantaneous.

Everything aligns,

Everything feels possible.

Strangers become irreplaceable

inspire mad hopeless suicide

they take your pride

hormones keep us enslaved to a need

with faithless players, greedy assholes

who never intended to stay.

People you never knew before

never needed ever

can haunt you endlessly forever

taunt you with spectral reminders

of never again.

Heart Body Mind Pen

memorizes affection,

true acceptance feels so rare.

Once you feel love

or what’s disguised as love

you never want it to end

life becomes dreary colorless wind

without is worse than never began.

Love is winning the lottery

At Last!” you’re safe and understood.

Know that what you have is good,

a magic mirror to yourself.

Don’t give up thinking

there’s another or better one,

Believe me there’s none,

just you and a world of tragic mismatched others.

Don’t compromise on lukewarm relationships

you know when you’ve found your exact.

There’s only once in a lifetime match

If you’re lucky enough

Don’t waste the rare chance

to find haven in this confusing

heart devouring world.





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