Poem: Devil’s in the liquid

Ignore the raging guy repeating curses

On the sidewalk behind me

Taunting and launching verses

That he’s “gonna kill me cause I’m a bitch”

I grab a bottle by the throat from my groceries

Just in case, to hit him with

Attack fast, use the guise of surprise

I don’t know how to fight

But learn quickly enough

I didn’t survive a violent childhood

for this asshole to murder me.

His threats trigger my fight or flight adrenaline

But I’m not going down like this

Attacked from behind

by a deranged zombie zit.

No one’s home in that body smell

He’s in hell waiting for normal to never arrive.

Urban demonic face patched together

Frankenstein re-voltaged

Reanimated but barely alive

Drinking diving into asphalt crust

Fists first howling after me

Sinking climbing out of the cardboard

Headboard Redbox rubble

Lord of the troll bridge hovel

Liquor rush troubles blurring reality

I’m not your enemy but I will be

Come near me again

I’ll stab you with my pen

You messed with the wrong shy Asian

I was raised in a family war zone

You’re not going to end me.

You can shout until the asshole cops come

You think you’re the Man

But you can barely stand

Vomiting the 24hr 7-11 slush bucket

Of blackened rubber hotdog chicken

That even the pigeons won’t eat.


  1. This is so violent and triggers a gut-reaction. The best writing does that. If this really did happen to you, then I am sorry his sickness hurt you. You and I both have lived, but because of this, we get to write. Believe me or not, I love you sister.

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    1. Thank you. Yes we have writing as therapeutic medicine. This happened yesterday afternoon while I was walking home. I felt scared, crossed the street but he kept following. Something in me always chooses to fight when I feel physically threatened, it might not be the best choice but it’s a trigger from seeing my mom and siblings abused by our father. Love to you too sister❤️

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      1. Fight is a better response than freeze. I’ve suffered abuse on multiple occasions simply from being paralyzed. I’m glad you have an animal instinct to protect. I’m also grateful I have that now, too. Sending you strength for your healing on what happened yesterday. You are so brave.

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      2. Thank you for your support and sharing your experience. When I was a child I was constantly witnessing violence from my father, I always froze or stayed away while my family calmed him down. I felt like a coward then (survivors guilt), I think that’s why I tend to fight now. I remember hearing about what to do if attacked/attempted rape/kidnapped. The survivor’s chose to either comply or fight. The consensus was, if you survived, you made the right choice. I decided then that I’d chose to fight because I’d rather die trying to live than comply and still be killed. Crazy world we live in.


  2. I can relate with this to a frightening degree and I hate the fact that I am not the only one. That this is a common theme if you happen to be a woman.
    I am sorry you had to face that. I am proud of you that you faced it fiercely. Kudos to your strength!

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