Poem: Dial waiting

Landline telephones

Ringing themselves back to sleep

Leave a message at the beep

But no one checks their messages

We’re all blocked and silent

With vibrating pants.

Texting is the fake new deal

Pretending we’re real

No one’s listening

just Homeland security

Amazon and the corporate

CIA henchmen spinning lies.

Facebook posting pics

Of lunch envy goop

Burritos dripping slop

Pork face bone soup

During the Trump apocalypse

While waiting for Uber’s Lyft.

No one talks for hours anymore

About life or love or visions.

Just bored distracted lonely fools

Hypnotized by phones like ghouls

Tanked full on GMOs, pesticides and corn

Coffee causes cancer too

What are we gonna do?

I kind of need it to survive

My full time work sentence

With credit card benefits sucks.

Cut off the power

Go off the grid

Live underground in caves

Like the Sleestak lizards did

In The Land of the Lost

Is that what we’re becoming next?

This roller coaster torture won’t stop

It’s stuck on rage and insanity.


  1. 🙂 hang in there… only 50 or so lifetimes to go, and soul people will be needed more & more who can chronicle with one eye still opened the follies of the Age of Artificial Stupidity.

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      1. It’s the part of the human which is core, essential, which they eschew, in their desperate wish to become algorithms. Non-humans, not trans, as I see it. But just a crazy fantasy I think. Not realizable. Technology cannot reach spirit — if we want to preserve it, those of us who do, will.

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      2. You know, this topic was a pet obsession of mine eight or so years ago. I spent time in various AI forums trying to figure out what makes such people tick. (I had a software background.) I also attended a so-called Singularity conference to listen to the ideas of key people, etc. in NYC. They often had a curious kind of abstract nihilism about humanity. They were cavalier, to me, about humanity’s fate — as though well, that’s evolution, the next pinnacle comes along and overtakes us, and it is ‘artificial’. And almost always they firmly believed: we cannot solve our problems alone; we are dead in the water without entrusting our hopes to better-thinking machine minds. I thought alot about what is amiss in their worldview. And best I could arrive at was that they are materialists, to their core. Completely alienated from any concept of spirit, be it human or otherwise. I wrote about this a little, sort of in the concluding portions of this essay: https://skirmisheswithreality.net/2015/10/28/3-approaches-to-ethics/

        I realize it must be ultra-repressive to have to live in the midsts of the epicenter of this stuff in SF area. But the answer, I think, as Jaron Lanier puts it, is to double down on our humanity in the face of these distortions. 🙂 It’s just that more and more of us have to do this.

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  2. “During the Trump apocalypse
    While waiting for Uber’s Lyft.
    No one talks for hours anymore
    About life or love or visions.”

    What a brilliant verse, Judy!

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