Poem: Karma Ricochet

If god exists as good and love

What they do in the name of god

Would make god throw up


god would say, WTF?!

i don’t even know you.

Stop using my name to blame

everyone but yourself.

Stop using my fame to feel


Stop raping, killing,

enslaving, torturing

i never sanctioned this.

i don’t control you

i won’t stop you

from driving off a cliff

or making life a hell

for those who serve under you.

If greed and lust are all you want

my infinite hands are tied

life can’t exist without choice

there is no free ride

you have to decide

choose sides be a hero

or villain with pride

but don’t be surprised

when it’s recollection time.

You can’t reverse

the laws of physics

cause and effect

is also known as karma

and knows your true name and number

like a boomerang hunter

or Thor’s hammer of thunder

returning with full force

to the scene of original crime.

Watch out for your own curses

ricocheting disperses

like heat seeking missiles

and you are the target

It’s only fair.


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