Memoir Poem: When I was engaged to be married the first time

I didn’t know

there’d be 2 more proposals

and no marriages.

Every decade or so

I meet a partner that I’m convinced

Is the One

Until he’s gone

And then we’re both left crying

After all the useless trying.

It seems so incredibly rare

To work the details out

Solve the puzzle

Reverse the doomed ending.

It isn’t enough to find your match

Twin soul magic

Is too much joy in this world

Star-crossed fate

Arrived too late

When Juliet kissed

poor, dead Romeo.

Just a few seconds more

If only he had waited

Miracles die over misunderstandings.


  1. I have never been married, but I was close once. It was a beautiful relationship that grew stronger over the years. Then, we had a misunderstanding, and it was compounded by poor communication over the course of several days. Even though there was no single event that caused us to split up, I believe that one solitary misunderstanding was the thing that planted the seeds of doubt in our minds. Eventually, the doubt grew into a rift that couldn’t be reconciled. I guess that’s why the last line of this verse haunts me, “Miracles die over misunderstandings.” This isn’t a run-of-the-mill poem about angst and heartbreak. It’s well crafted and tragically beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment❤️I’m grateful for your kind opinion and for your genuineness in sharing your beautiful story. It’s amazing how a poem can connect experiences and the synchronicities are so detailed at times.

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