Poem: What’s the agenda?


Looking glass rabbit hole

Earth as Wonderland

Upside down rules

Painted reality

Interchangeable real and fake maladies.

Even experts are fooled.

All of life now is a forgery

All our hero’s have fallen

disgraced by scandals

exposed as imposters

Who gets to tell the official

version of the story?

Who decides which go to jail?

The scapegoated ones

are expendable


Murdered in faked suicide.

Take one for the team

of elite monsters.

Conspiracy theories

Pick and chose the ruse

Which theories are true?

Who does it serve?

Somethings not right

Somethings happened

Someone somewhere

Pulling the strings

Stole our reality.

Hiding the truth in plain view

Mixed into the disinformation

Adding everything to the jumble

Even Flat Earth theory!

I thought it was impossible

For us to lose the centuries

of knowledge we struggled for

Now we don’t know anything

Blank slate to begin again

Re-educate the masses

Back into the Dark Ages

Where superstitions

and fear based religions

mind controlled the populace

with mental force.