Poem: Colorism


Colonialism started colorism

The judgement of shades of skin

The lightest pigmentation wins

The game of inequality.

It was created to subdivide

Within the already divided classes

Steps of hierarchy based on hues

from darkest to lightest

Stay in your designated space

Don’t step outside of your place

Dark skinned peasants

worked the fields under blazing sun

while light skinned aristocrats

were fanned under silk parasols.

The social ladder within your race

Was foretold by almighty god the father

From highest to lowest the power drips

Like blood letting

Trickle down rain

Corruption stains

Power trips


Erase the bottoms

as mere scavenger rubbish.

They’re left as compost

expected to make

everything grow for free



Planting harvesting cooking

the foods we eat and waste

Babysitting laundering serving

convenience economy

Cleaning recycling burying

the trash we create

All the lowly unbenefited jobs

that no one wants to do

that keeps the world

spinning in status quo

functioning, comfortable

eternally affluent

lifestyle for a few

at the expense of the lowly others

who shoulder all the sins.

They’re scapegoated weaker

less intelligent and unworthy

while carrying the decadent burdens.

It’s obvious who’s truly stronger.

Collective hatred and abuse

are used to poison those below

to keep the pleasure cruise afloat.

Sip on cocktails while tanning

how ironic the blind spots of hypocrisy.

Servers wipe the sweat from beading glass

to protect the valued furniture

like how the ancient idiotic Kings

couldn’t even wipe their own ass.

Why still imitate their superior stupidity?

Colorism wants to pretend

there’s a higher order of things

divinely mandated injustice.

Excuses to wipe their conscience away

Eminent domain

Divine entitlement.

As long as we play this rigged game

It’ll never end.

It’s time to change the rules

Upturn and upend

the evil empire pyramid

is fed by our willing slavery.

Our complacency

makes us accomplices.

It’s time to choose sides.

As slaves revolt

Against the ruling classes.