Poem: Careful what you wish

Careful what you wish for

Dreams return to you


not what you really wanted.

Monkey’s paw bargain

makes you want more

the grass is always greener

at someone else’s door.

You can’t wish for endless wishes

You have to make your choice

wait for the consequences

like a roulette

is the karmic

wheel of fortune

no summer cruise vacations

you’re playing for your life,

no take backs

or time reverse.

Dreams evaporate

like magicians

into the genie well

witchy spells concoct

an unseen deeper hell.

Macbeth knows the fake sell

with blood running everywhere.

Be careful what you wish for

it might just come true

with strings and ties

promises and lies.


  1. “The grass is always greener at someone else’s door” felt that line. We compare ourselves to other people so often that we only see our flaws…

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