Poem: Therapists, the-rapists of psychology

Therapists pretend to know

While they themselves are troubled

I’ve paid to counsel a few for free

during my wasted hours.

One complained about her love life

her disappointments on OkStupid

she spent my whole session on herself.

Another who also happened to be a nun

suggested I poke holes in the condom

to rope my man to Commitment!

These are the people we pay for advice

Therapists, the rapists of psychology.

The difference between

Amateur and Professional

is too often subjective.


  1. !! I’ve never understand the widespread therapist culture in the U.S….there must be lots of dodgy people over there charging money. of course even a deaf person in the room would have some benefit. People need to share to process emotions

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    1. Yes, the US are obsessed with therapy, big business, what therapists charge is insane. I have problems with Freud’s assumptions and focus on sex/incest/penis envy. I liked Jung’s concept of synchronicity though. People do need to process/talk but this can be done with friends and mentors who won’t expect $$$. I think the few times I tried therapy it was an expensive waste of time.


      1. That altered traits book on the science of meditation painted an alarming picture of the lack of true scientific rigour in that particular field. Something like 3% of published reports were acceptable to the authors…

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  2. As a fellow therapist, I don’t know how to feel about this!! I don’t understand this situation as well..

    I work all day long trying to give counseling to parents with disabled children, give therapy to disabled children, and counsel youth who are crying out for help!! But how much do I earn?!! Only the money that these people can afford and that is less than what I could afford back.

    But what do I get from it? I give them hope and I gain hope..

    My mentor told me this on the day I get to start my work, “Don’t ask them why but teach them how,
    don’t live a lie cos the deeper you dig you die..
    Give your best smile, thought you feel distant a mile..
    Time will teach you why, and they will ask you how..
    Though they curse you now don’t hurt the one’s who cry,
    Listen to their voices until their smile comes back and eyes dry”..

    Its sad to see how greed has surpassed pride and no more people study psychology to learn about behaviors but instead they use it to alter their own behavior to their own advantage. I hope that you will find happiness in the least that you do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts..

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    1. Hi Jane, I think you’re one of the few who offer counseling that people can actually afford and you seem to want to help children with disabilities, that’s truly honorable work and I don’t include you in “the-rapist” category, pardon my pun. But what I’ve written, was based on my true experiences with various therapists who shouldn’t be in the profession because they themselves were narcissists, emotionally immature or troubled. I’ve benefited much more from self-help books and meditation. Thank you for commenting.

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  3. I went back to school after 50 to study psychology. I went on to get my masters. I have a stand up and entertainment background so I know the healing power of laffter. I never wanted to become a license therapist because the people that I intended to help don’t have the money for therapy and second they don’t trust therapy as a whole. I also believe that sometimes people just need someone to talk to and not someone who pretends to know what their problem is and then charge them for it. I also think that having a therapist in the US is a status symbol to some. I’m an expert in the psychology of laffter and the author of Laff Therapy. I give my services away for free on @thelaffcoach on Instagram Twitter and FB. I know people should be able to make a living but I’m here for the poor

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    1. I agree with you that laughing is good medicine, I’m glad you’re supporting people’s wellness through humor and offering your skills for free. I think good work deserves to be paid, I just have issues with the average cost of regular therapy. I agree it is a status symbol, how strange our society is! Thanks for your comment, Karlton.

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