Memoir Poem: bipolar love story

Sean Pierce,

How high I felt rising up like cosmic ascension

Spencer was my lightning strike and Thor thunderbolt intervention

true clash of the titans, a perfect match of love and combined detention.

Inter dimensional traveling to the moon through the room

radiating prism chakras a galaxy shower of winking stars

symphonic rapture ended in demonic domestic violence apocalypse.

Fighting over fears we lost our miracle of becoming.

I’ll never find another of his kind he was a genius fool sublime

wonder twin soul kindred the loss will take more than centuries

of lifetimes to recover the truth before birth’s amnesia fades.

When you discover a true mirror don’t crack it with perfection.

We only get so many chances to bloom, don’t destroy what’s sacred.

Finding your mate isn’t the end of the story of ever after

appreciate and evolve be ever grateful for your irresistible luck.

Life is black white and cemetery grey, without love’s ecstatic rainbow.


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