Poem: MILFS and Cougars

Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson in “the Graduate” 1967

Older women had the wisdom stolen from them

of true maturity which doesn’t exploit the innocence of youth.

Wise women are unsung heroines stronger than most.

They’re not the predators perverse of media slogans.

Mrs. Robinson’s curse programmed us

to perceive older women as lusty abusers

who take advantage of young men’s naïveté.

The term, MILF is not a compliment folks

it’s a disguised way to imply, Motherfucker.

Older women are not horny sex bots for teens

to jerk off to, they’re not surrogate mother themes

or sex instructors to play out taboo fantasies

of pretend incest, the fucking your teacher

nonsense is schoolboy bravado, not reality.

The female teachers who actually raped boys is rare

but they’re no better than the mobs of male pedophiles

searching the dark web for enslaved victims.

Cougars are aging harlots, wanna be starlets who never

grew out of their spoiled decadent world,

the princess manifold of the born obnoxiously wealthy.

Cabana boy roles cheapen our world

where nothing natural is sacred.

There’s no respect for true maturity

which is about evolution and actualization,

growing spiritually into the light source of love.

It’s useless to pretend you’re not old money

you’re not fooling anyone into thinking

you’re in your 20s or 30s anymore

face lifts and Botox are obvious band aides

that don’t work honey.

Grow up emotionally before your

skin turns scarred into paper like bark

and your neck is sagging like turkey’s wobbling.

Don’t be a miser to the fountain of youth

which is where you get miser-able.

Rise up to your real potential

your life in retrospect is a treasure chest

of knowledge if you’d acknowledge it.

Complete your mission and soul contracts.

Don’t look back if it causes sorrow,

keep onward, forward to renewed tomorrow.

Reclaim your age and dignity by becoming a sage.

Share your kindness, not your neediness

validation has to come from within yourself

everything else is someone else’s tilted opinion.

No amount of fucking will win back your youth

or the truth that you are holy,

beautiful as you are.

Let your hair gleam into silver

accept the crown of crone

with grace and gratitude.

Mid life crisis is for the insecure

Rise above the primitive, it’s just mere ego.

Edward Cisneros, unsplash.com


    1. Hi Kally, I thought I sent a reply earlier, apologies if I send a double response! You’re off the hook, 😀, I think age gaps between 1-10 years is a reasonable range but I define cougars as middle aged women who date/have sex with men much younger, to the point that they could have been their son (from another mother 🙂), so about 20 years+ age gap. This applies to the older men too, I think it’s a form of midlife crisis/over compensating for wanting to regain their youth or validity of their virility/fertility status. I think aging gracefully is about confidence and acceptance of their new status as mentors/elders instead of trying to be forever youthful.

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      1. Phew!!! Glad I’m off the hook. Haha! I don’t think I can ever date someone who is 5 or more years younger than me. I love maturity in a guy and love to be taken care of which is not easy because I usually like to take charge around things so a guy for me will have to step up his game. Oh well, I’m off the dating game anyways. Haha!

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      2. 😊, I know what you mean, I used to only date guys that were either my age, slightly younger or about 2-5 yrs older, I like to be able to relate to pop culture and nostalgic references from being close in age.

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  1. What I liked most was when the poem was reaching its conclusion. Beautiful introspection in what people consider a taboo in my country. They prefer to avoid the subject but truths can be ignored not washed away!!

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