Poem: Stream of Consciousness: Untitled #2

JR Korpa , unsplash.com


The depths of good experience occupies us/you pearl everything unfamiliar/the night in invisible silence/transparent consequences point to zero/we place ourselves in sadness feared truth/castle dark painted in anxiety/radiating tower enchanting the experimenter with quiet purpose/


remember breathing with both hands tea roses who seem to return cleverly softer/balancing a smile deserves fearless inviting/her gaze remained who in darkness the light inspired the living/all nonchalant detectives questioned the infinite veiled


joy entered his heart laughing/youth absorb curious electricity their bodies overcome by incurable feelings/sensory system charm/the place of spirits hidden between the lungs/divine pleasure to launch unconscious spectrum/ visions sleep will take us as an ocean enlightened/I had a positive hypnotic effect awakened mind beauty/orphans we arrange many lost things/heaven bowed softer natural traveler universe


the delicious dream feels attached to guiding/vibrant human angels are fire and light/priceless magical nature without shadow hesitation/gracious energy surrounded by streams/each embroidery of variations magnetized time/we shone satin silence being in secret better than your share/soul senses superimposed unknown/iridescent precipice feminine tact/a kind of terrible surprise wistfully seeing his house of liquor glass/fall into a strange trance/shouting his misleading songs attract/the sleeping caterpillar


always the same words/they swear prestigious illusion/ you dare to have brilliant power/liberating vibrating the possibility of laughter/radiate to homelands that teach/making his many years look different/subtle balm spread into various brilliance/secret wishes make good servants/the glass you have an answer carnal animality/heavy tired afflicted running I’m a little better/feeling indefinable the deserters themselves should quiver


he wanted a triumphant amazement/I’ll tell him not to be everything including illuminated drawings/moments acquired through admiring/a misleading affinity/these wives will be left to the charm of solitary kisses/a precipice of repressed drunkenness unanswerable human folly/


despise the laboratory dream despite the example/officially we will talk this movement and this will be the test/the crisis warned long ago/immortal enough to make the eyes forget severe melancholy/this genre has become as rare/as serene harmonious intelligence.


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