Poem: Wonderland Rapists

“We had… 3/4 of a million different images of pedophilia. Some of them were laughing, and yet you knew inside they were crying and some of them were absolutely sobbing.” Quote from “Wonderland Club paedophile ring (Operation Cathedral)”.

Pornography and pedophilia

go hand in hand,

the internet made it

immediately accessible.

There is no filter

no warning signal

polaroids started the ease

of perversion.

Freedom contains this anomaly

that monsters have the right to coexist

in status of position robes

clothed in the dignity of wealth.

Doctors lawyers judges

teachers neighbors family.

While we judge

the lowest scavengers among us

living in tents on the street.

Dark rooms

red light district

Wonderland rapists

They traded images of torturing children

Demented they thought

the children wanted

to be raped




a lifetime of vomiting

out that poison

if they could survive

the will to die.

Surviving it

is another trial.

Even if the abuse

is half way

it transforms you

it re-makes you

a stranger to yourself

stronger, sadder

alone as a comforter.

Monsters aren’t the good

antiheroes misunderstood

that’s the classic trap

don’t fall for that.

Good is good

Bad is bad.

Don’t say truth changes

no it doesn’t.

Lies change.

Truth is light in the darkness.


    1. Hi Jeremy, I’m sorry to be so morbid, I understand that it’s hard to read about this. I grew up in a dysfunctional family that coped by denying anything was wrong, so I feel especially compelled to expose atrocities. It seems like media/entertainment purposefully distracts us from what’s really going on under the surface. I used to love music, films and entertainment but nowadays I’m suspicious of what’s the real agenda behind media. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    1. Yes, I feel like my eyes have opened to the underneath horrors that no one knew about before, now it’s all over the internet, so sick and it’s worldwide, not just one J Epstein out there, a whole network.

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      1. There is a movie titled “The Captive” with Ryan Reynolds that shows how one of these rings operate. Definitely a newtwork and not necessarily with high profile people.

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      2. I haven’t seen the film, but I think these rings have been happening for a long time. Epstein is just a tip of the iceberg unfortunately, all the missing children cases go unsolved, it’s horrible.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to share bleak posts, it affects me with great sadness to find out about these things too. It greatly alters my usual belief that there’s goodness in all human beings, I realize now that some people are monsters. I feel helpless to affect change to the situation and so I write about it but it’s very depressing, I agree totally. 😞

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      1. Any human with a heart would feel as you feel. I’m so glad you’re writing about it. Sometimes goodness comes only when one hits the rock bottom. Your article talks of things depressing… But is always a beautiful and thoughtful read🌸

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