Overheard Conversations: Man’s Domain!

“Bitches sleep with everybody and don’t know how to talk right. They’re so phoney. A man’s gotta have his own house, his own domain where he controls everything. That way bitches can’t hold anything over you. You know how bitches are, if you don’t do what they want, they kick you out! Men gotta step up and be men! That’s why I got my own place. Them bitches gotta know, they ain’t got nothing on you.”

This guy was walking behind me, talking on the phone (I hope), saying bitches are this and that. It was almost funny, the part where he talks about getting kicked out.

There’s so much misogyny, so much fear and hatred of women’s power without any understanding of what women go through as basically second class citizens.


  1. Again it’s true across the globe. How’s this possible! What’s this about men … That every culture has this issue… No amount of education, growth, development help. This aspect also rather sarcastically unite the entire world!!!!

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    1. Ha! That’s true, it does unite the world, so much misogyny! I think the patriarchal system created hatred of women based on fear of women’s creative power. The super macho men seem very sad and desperately lonely actually! Self-confidence and kindness is very attractive, they need to figure that out❣️🙂🌸🙏

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  2. This sounds like I man I know. Actually, the men I know might ‘think’ this conversation but would never say it out loud. Men like this seem to be terrified of women, defensive, protest too much, are in denial and will never be happy.

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    1. I agree, they reveal their fear/insecurity, no self-awareness. It’s sad to know there are men that are even worse, like Bundy and the other monsters. Why so much fear/hatred of women?

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