Poem: Knowing

Revelations are realizations

Apocalypse means revealing.

History repeats

in waves of decades

movements in time

themed routines live streamed

political hits and skits.

Justice scales tilt like a see saw

in greed driven inequality.

Pause the scheduled program

slander the propaganda

backtrack flashback

question the authority.

Use your wit

reverse the agenda

distort the sound bite formula.

Open your mind’s knowing

center your pineal

enlightenment is uncovering

what’s real what’s fake.

Turn off the mainstream media

disconnect from the mainframe mafia

the underaged click bait.

Filter through half truths

disinformation’s dead ends

are a magician’s trick.

Homegrown terrorists

eye candy distractions

detoxify your natural grace.

Unplug and unscramble

hurricane survivor

surfing through disasters.

The whirling world won’t stop

spinning lies.


  1. Excellent poem.

    That photo you use to illustrate-

    there’s a hill east of the town of Three Hills, Alberta, Canada where a great Blackfoot First Nations chief is buried.

    That photo of the man sitting and the view- looks like the view you see from the Great Chief’s Hill when you look west.

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  2. Your last four lines are particularly powerful. They convey to me that prayer has much to do with listening to the divine within rather trying to contact power beyond our own. You leave the reader with much to think about and end with a beam of light.

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    1. Thank you Rosaliene, I agree, it’s vital for our survival to reconnect to nature; surrounding us, and within us. The more we disavow and destroy nature, we are destroying ourselves.

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