Question: Why do creeps post a dick pic as their profile photo?

I was briefly on online dating sites a long while ago, so I’ve had my share of out of nowhere, unwanted harassing, emails requesting sex with their decrepit dick photo attached. The prick profile pic is typically a headless male selfie image, shot in bad lighting in the bathroom mirror, exposing a greasy bare chest, beer belly or hairy ape shape and/or a deformed purpled, veiny dick. Instant block, instant delete is most women’s response. But these desperate assholes just want negative attention. They obviously weren’t getting dates so they’re getting their kicks by forcing people see their teeny-tiny Anthony Weiners?

Today some male, white privileged, asshole with a wrinkled, old man’s knob of a penis “followed” my blog via email. I almost want to post it here, but I’ll spare you the disgust. His profile photo is of, (I assume), his gross, spongebob-like, encrusted prick. I instantly thought, that’s it, I’m making my blog private to avoid this idiocy. But why should I censor myself because of cretins who can’t get laid? I think they’re basically electronic flashers, (people who used to wear raincoats and shock people by flashing their putrid, naked bodies to women or especially children). It’s a step towards rape, a sick power grab, based on the same principle, a twisted show of worthless power by perverts who obviously are powerless. For example the serial killer, Ted Bundy started as a peeping Tom who masturbated under bedroom windows while he spied on the women inside. Then he escalated to kidnapping and killing them. All unwanted/unsolicited perversions escalate, none of it is harmless.

I’m leaving my blog unprivate for now, but I might switch it to private. What do you think, why do creeps post their dick photo online?


  1. I don’t know if it’s for shock value or they’re way of getting off knowing that their penis profile pic is out there across social media on display. It’s stupid.

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      1. Thank you Sylvester, I’m going to think about it. I wish I didn’t have to, maybe it’s the price to pay for writing condemning posts against perverts. I’m going to keep writing publicly or privately, I won’t let them stop me.

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  2. I believe they are people whose social skills are most sorely lacking.

    The person who occupies the highest public office in the U.S. seems to come most pre-eminently to mind for some reason.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he sent out such photos back in the day.

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    1. Ha! You’ve guessed it! Right after I said I wasn’t a fan of his 🙂, wrinklier than a pickle. Sorry to be so graphically gross. Trump, Weiner, Clinton, what’s the difference? (except for slight degrees of higher or lower intelligence).

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  3. I would say calling them electronic flashers is the best approximation. Do you feel unsafe as a blogger? If yes, it might be wise to go private. I was contemplating it at one point because I didn’t feel safe. I would go for a predawn bike ride every morning and I kept expecting someone to pick me off with a gun.) I worried about hitting a deer too – that was more realistic). The anonymity of the internet emboldens people to follow through on their base urges. People who wouldn’t flash in a raincoat because of fear of confrontation (arrest) know that sending obscene pictures is comparatively safe. If you go private, how do people read?

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    1. Hi Jeff, I feel somewhat vulnerable because I use my real name, not an alias, so anyone who barely knows me can read all the private information I share in poems and memoir especially. I’ve recently made those posts private but have no idea if they really are, they appear on my site as Private but still show up. I also worry that I have to censor my political poems/articles because they might offend some coworkers. It’s sad that I have to censor my blog, but I get nervous about people’s reactions even to the point of being fired, (you never know who will be offended). What’s “politically correct” often gets on my nerves and I tend to fight against enforced liberalism, which I think can go too far. I used to be very liberal but life experiences have changed my views. You and I shouldn’t have to worry about being offline stalked but sadly that’s what the world is turning into. I agree with you that being online gives cowards the nerve to be as perverted as they want without fear of being caught. I think in this case, wordpress failed to screen the dick profile photo. But I guess it’s more disturbing to know that people are deviant and a normal profile photo merely hides what they’re into. I think if I made my blog private, readers would have to get my approval to follow the blog but I’d like to avoid doing that. I think the point of a blog is to reach a public audience and build community, so going private is a bummer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks Rosaliene, I hope I don’t have to go private, still considering it. WordPress failed to screen the obscene profile photo, I assume they don’t care. There’s no way for me to block this creep because he “followed me” and then quickly unfollowed so I couldn’t block him. He obviously gets his kicks showing off his putrid wiener. Maybe it was Anthony Weiner.

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  4. I’m so sorry this has happened to you Judy. I’m hoping this is a one off. If not, maybe consider going private, but I would hope that won’t have to happen. WordPress have a duty to protect you from such things. Please do not be discouraged. You can count on us lot for support, if anything else happens. We are there for you.

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    1. Thanks so much Sue, I’m thankful to have your support. There’s so many cool people here on WordPress, I think it’s just one solitary creep, so I’m going to ignore it. I do feel more hesitant to post about private topics but I felt that way before. I’ve made some posts here private which is a shame, because it’s writing that has my personal stories that are more meaningful to me. But I think I’m going to focus my posts on politics, feminism, culture and anti-media/celebrity because they’re more neutral topics and I will keep my personal writing private.

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