Poem: Lolita Subliminal (haiku in 4 variations)


What are they selling?

Underaged “oriental”

Ornamental doll.


Asian Lolita

Young girl puckered puffy lips

Child to deflower


She’s not a woman

Just a child in dress up pose

Who’s the audience?


If this girl’s of age

She was made to look child-like

Why is this ok?


    1. Marketing professionals are very conscious of even tiny details of the image they want to convey, including the model they use, but young girls don’t need to wear foundation which is what this ad was “selling”, so weird what they’re marketing to us. Thanks Jeremy.


  1. Many people are still too self-conscious or lack confidence to acknowledge that women are beautiful at any age. Unfortunately, mainstream ads and marketing are usually about selling vulnerability goes against nature. It feeds fear rather than encourage self-love.

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    1. I agree, I think women are naturally beautiful, with or without makeup. Media purposely makes females feel inadequate to sell their unnecessary products. It’s so strange that western culture is obsessed with youthfulness, it’s creepy in my opinion.

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      1. Their obsessiveness with youthfulness mirror their inner desire to be free from responsibility. Getting old, losing attention from opposite sex and having to take care of own self and others (their parents or children) is very mundane and not exactly fun.

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      2. True, it’s ironic that young girls are pressured to look sexualized/older and mature women try to look/act like children. Becoming a parent was the kindest gift I’ve received from life, it’s only the narcissists who don’t understand what a privilege it is to take care of family.

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