Poem: Control Freaks


Control freaks love

to rearrange things

that aren’t broken.

Nothing’s perfect

without their input and devotion.

They need to feel needed

as absolutely essential.

They think the world will stop spinning

without their expert potential.

If you’re in any way efficient

they will resent you

they will thwart your work

upturning and undoing

all your exhausted effort.

They will make you redo

what was finally finished.

What a waste of time

and your alternative mind.

Logic will not work on them

they’ll insist on the last spoken word.

The only options are to leave them

or play deaf, dumb or absurd.


    1. Sometimes I think that’s what they want. People are replaceable to them. I get stressed but choose to vent through poems. I’m going to try to not take it personally, nothing else I can do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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