Problem Solved

Hi Everyone, thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to continue with my blog, regardless of creeps and trolls who tried to trip me up with their perv photo.

My solution is that I’m keeping my blog public but I’ve made certain posts password protected. If you’d like to read them, send me an email through my WordPress account, and I’ll send you the password. If I think you’re a troll, I will ignore your request, (you know who you are).

Thanks again to the cool community in WordPress, you are awesome!


  1. I must have missed whatever was going on. I’m happy to hear you are keeping your blog going/public. Sorry you have to deal with some weirdos, I’ve ran into a few myself on here.

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  2. I too, am sorry you had such an unpleasant experience here and I was only just getting to some of your post. I had hopes to read more as time went on. Some nutty people here are always mucking things up for others.

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    1. Thanks Rosaliene, I think it’s working. I feel less vulnerable with the protected posts up. I’ll probably have a smaller audience for those, but I think it’s worth the peace of mind. Most of my memoir writing is protected now along with some political posts. 🙂

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      1. I agree, I think the protected posts are my best writing but I don’t feel safe to post them publicly anymore. I don’t want creeps to read about actual abuse and then get turned on by it. There are some sick people out there. If I published a book that received income it would possibly screen out the perverts, but since my blog is free, I feel exposed and without boundaries.

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