Poem: Stand Together

We’re meant to overcome

not become the monsters

who lord over us.

We’re meant to know better

not follow their example.

Having “class” shouldn’t be

about money or status.

Most of that “class” was inherited

or stolen through slavery, not earned.

People at the bottom

stay there generationally

while the people at the top

buy more yachts, islands and mansions.

The game is fixed

the dice is rigged.

I’d be surprised if any of those

blue bloods ever worked a day

in their entire life.

Rewriting laws to favor their cause

is theft not work.

Evicting grandmas out of greed

is robber baron thievery.

During his presidency

the idiotic Bush Jr. said

he didn’t know how

grocery scanners worked

because he’s never needed to know.

The obnoxiously rich

have countless servants

like the idiotic Kings

who had slaves wipe their royal ass

because they helplessly couldn’t.

Education preaches a workoholic ethic

as if hard work amounted to anything

but a broken back and a drained soul.

You and I will never be one of them.

We’re cattle, we’re products, we’re consumers

of their useless whims.

Never envy or try to be like them.

Stand proud in the midst of tragedy.

What you are is more

than what they could ever become.

What’s life worth if you’ve sold your heart

You can’t eat diamonds.

These homeless encampments weren’t here a few years ago, now they’re everywhere in parks, under overpasses and on sidewalks. No one should have to live like this.

Yes but how? Outlaw Whole Foods and cafes that serve avocado toast? Pump gluten in every product? Outlaw yoga pants and kale chips?


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