Poem: Pocahontas*

Sweet summer rain relieves breathing

in East Coast’s sauna like atmosphere.

Where Pocahontas did appear

sorrowfully unaware

trapped like a fawn at harvest.

Love struck by Capt Kirk falseness.

She saved him

and he left her waiting.

She left a kingdom for him

and he left her abandoned.

He even faked his own death

to escape the guilt

of telling her the truth.

What a cowardly lion.

Naive Princess Pocahontas

you were your father’s favorite

and he too exiled you in deep grief

after you betrayed him.

Then even your favorite brother died.

How can you survive

this much tragedy?

You met the English queen

in sheen satin and silk spun finery.

She did stare at you there

as if you were her property.

Then soon you died

of malaria didn’t they say?

All gone your spiritual life

for regal destinations of nouvelle decay.

Your barefeet balance trapped in false clothes.

*This poem is based on the historical fiction of the Terrence Malick film, “The New World”


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