Poem: deja vu (when we were orphans)

(For Gregory)


Parchment and papyrus

the black tarp billows like sails

outside of my apartment balcony

powerful breezes undulate

breathing like waves

curled rolled unfurled massive cloth

the backdrop romances the wind.

Roofers hung it as protective cover

to contain the roof top spillage.

For several days I left my curtains

opened to my sliding glass door

all night long night air swirled

as Van Gogh imagined

midnight entered my room

mysteriously whirling.

While on my couch watching YouTube

I felt the rhythm of the wind

and I was back in time again

soaring on a ship, a glorious clipper with a mast

a gigantic colossal wooden island

floating sailing whirling tossing windborn.


I was a child sailor orphan then.

They made us climb to the crows nest’s

dangerous top because we were fearless

and the most expendable.

We called out warning signs ahead

of obstacles or enemies

storms through lightning

thunder clap awakening

escaping death’s startling invitation.

I lost my only ally there.

He fell into the sea.

I dived in after him futilely

but he drowned miserably

and I wanted to die with him.

He was my best friend and family

although we weren’t blood related.

We were related as orphans.


A psychic told me this vision

years ago in San Francisco

as clear as memory.

I think I met him again there

a reincarnated version.

He knew the vision’s story

without being told.

We had a form of telepathy.

In this life he was a natural actor

with the bluest aquamarine eyes.

He was a lost soul mate

I know this.

He shouted, “I love you so much!”

while orgasming

but he chose to forget me.

Coincidentally his best friend

in this lifetime

died by suicide.

So he went on prozac

and lost his affection for me.

He become robotic,



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