Poem: Earthlings (haiku in 7 variations)


Earth is not for sale.

No matter how they sell it.

We belong to Earth.


We all came naked

Bloody, crying, shivering

Hungry and Afraid.


Our mothers soothed us

Kept us warm in her safe arms

She was our first friend.


Everything we eat

Everything seen, felt or heard

Everywhere we sleep


Earth is our mother

We can’t survive without her

But we’re killing her.


No one in the world

Deserves to own an island

While the poor eat trash.


We belong to Earth

Not the other way around

Greed is a sickness.


      1. Brilliant!
        Even in Delhi (India)… past one month air quality is measured hazardous(to breathe in). Almost Emergency! It’s all gloomy and smoggy!! High time we take robust measures ; your message deserves to be taken to one and all…

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      2. It’s such a beautiful world but we don’t appreciate it, so sad to hear about the bad air quality in Delhi. I think corporations have no common sense, all they can see is $$$! We have wildfires in California every year now where I live. Last year the sky was orange and full of smoke for weeks. How bad does it have to get before any real change happens?!


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