Seoul Sister Films: Where are the Asians? Episode One: Star Wars Episode XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVII: Rise of More Racism…

Where are the people of color in this sci-fi parallel/future? Were we killed off? Finn is the token side kick character.
The entire magazine was devoted to Star Wars but only 1 tiny corner (top right), within 1 page shows an Asian character, (but doesn’t even mention him, real life actor and martial artist, Donnie Yen).

Korean royalty vs “Padme”

Hopi Woman vs “Padme”

Korean scholar vs “Yoda”, they even stole his cane!

Wong Jack Man, a true master martial artist.

Here I am, looking as ugly as I possibly can, covered up in a lumpy jumpsuit, but I still have time to curl my anime hair into dorky wisps.
“Rose” is having a permanently bad hair day.
She doesn’t even have to try, her bikini’s doing all the heavy lifting.

The White Savior Goddesses

Lots of unnecessary belly exposure for slim, Padme.

“Rose’s Sister” was killed off immediately, I guess she was too attractive to keep onboard but she managed to F*#! up the mission right away. These two actors don’t look like sisters, much less that they’re from the same culture, but All Asians look alike don’t they?!
To recap, Star Wars is a perfect example of the erasure of Asians in mainstream, Hollywood films and media. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, until the idiocy of Star Wars worship ends. Re-branding ancient cultures, isn’t Originality.

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