Poem: Royalty doesn’t deserve Loyalty

Royalty doesn’t deserve our loyalty.

What have they done for good?

Charities can function without

their bogus concern.

People don’t need

their expired rulership

the useless blessing

of their golden scepters

their meaningless speeches,

ribbon cutting ceremonies

their gaudy pageantry

diamond studded tiaras

and their pretentious tiny hats.

They need us lowly folk

to prop them up

cook and clothe and serve.

Do they feel sorry

for the countless crimes they’ve committed

under the sanctity of divine authority?

Why do aristocrats still exist?

They’re the same parasites

that have preyed on us

commoners for centuries

and yet they’re somehow forgiven

admired and even mourned over

by us foolish nobodys.

A million flowers for glamorous Diana

and none for poverty seeking Theresa

Prince Andrew is no better or worse

than the rest of those pompous jerks

those self-entitled vipers

feeding off our resources

like vampires.

They assume they’ve a right to rule

over people who can’t wake up from servitude.

Wasn’t Jack the Ripper allegedly one of them?

Jimmy Saville, the pedophile was their darling.

He counseled Charles and Diana

on their loveless marriage


I wouldn’t be surprised

if they were are cannibals.

The decrepitude of elites

no longer shocks me.



  1. Seriously. Why are royals still a thing? Of course, we have the Kardashians, so we’re no different. PS-I googled their name to make sure I spelled it right: 228,000,000 results. We’re doomed.

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    1. I agree, North Americans do idolize celebrities as “royals”. Don’t get me started on the Kardashians! They became infamous after the OJ Simpson trial and what’s her face’s “leaked” sex tape. I can’t understand why people follow their boring drama! We’re definitely doomed!

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